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International Veterinary Students' Association


First established in 1935, the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH) is the only institution in Norway that is authorized to offer education and award professional and PhD degrees within the field of veterinary medicine and related sciences. The school is also responsible for the major part of all veterinary research conducted in the country.


NVH is a state owned, autonomous institution of higher education, with university level status. The school has a student body of 470, including 80 doctoral students.


NVH has four academic departments, all involved in teaching and research:


Department of Basic Sciences & Aquatic Medicine

Department of Food Safety & Infection Biology

Department of Production Animal Clinical Sciences

Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences

The main campus is based in Oslo, and the Sections for Artic Veterinary Medicine and Small Ruminants are based, respectively, in Tromsø above the arctic circle, and Sandnes in the south west of the country.


The school is like a small city in the city, most people doesn't even know where it is situated, even though it is a 10 minute walk from the University of Oslo. People might have noticed that there are animals around, maybe they've heard some horses or cows, or maybe they've seen the school's horses in the garden. At the moment the school is in the middle of a big moving project since it has been decided that the school is being moved outside of the city. We're becoming a part of the new university in Ås - The Norwegian University of Life Sciences.


The student life is rich and we have many old traditions that we participate in. We have a ski jump where the students compete against each other once every winter (followed by a relaxing time in the sauna and a party), yes we do have our own sauna, we have a gym, a gymnasium, volleyball arena and football arena (soccer). Once every year the students compete against the vet schools in Sweden and Finland in the Nordic Veterinary Championship - the hosting school changes every year. We spend 3-4 days together, compete in athletics, try to speak Finnish, think we can speak Swedish, party, sleep together in a big room and travel together forever in a bus... We welcome the new immatriculated students with a formal dinner and a big party every autumn, and we say goodbye to good friends and newly educated vets in the same way.


During 3rd year, half way through, we celebrate with food, glory, singing, candles and white labcoats. The biggest event of the year is the barn party, or "fjøsfest", held in October/November. It used to be held in the stable, but is now held outside in a big tent. We eat traditional Norwegian food, drink aquavit, laugh of each other, dance and and sing until a new day rises... In the forest of Lommedalen we own and take care of our student cabin that we can use whenever we want.

We really have nothing to complain a bout! Oh, and there are more traditions, but we will gladly tell you more about them when you come to Oslo. In between all this we study, of course....

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